The Ta Ta Towe! That’s Making News For B(r)e(a)st Reasons

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Necessity is the mother of invention, they say. Here, drops of sweat inspired an American woman to invent a solution that is being appreciated by women all over the world. The Ta Ta Breast Towel, which absorbs under the breast sweat, to keep them dry. Read about this latest fashion accessory as you may call it, on iKarmik as we bring to you the latest updates from the world of fashion.

The Ta Ta Towe! That’s Making News For B(r)e(a)st Reasons

The Ta Ta Towel promises to keep your breasts sweat free

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Erin Robertson, the Creator & Founder of Ta-Ta Towels was troubled by under boob sweat and worried about it whenever she had to go out as it made her very uncomfortable. In fact on a recent date, she spent the most part of the date worrying about this problem and began thinking “I couldn’t be the only person to have boob-sweat issues while getting ready. There had to be something on the market to fix this. So, I went home and got online, looking for an answer. But all I could find were maxi-pad-looking things that you stick in your bra. I didn’t want to wear a bra while I was getting ready or just lounging around the house. I wanted my “girls” to be free!”

She spent the night awake, thinking of a solution till she finally got it and I sat up with excitement shouting “I’VE GOT IT!!” Though we are sure she did not run around naked like Archimedes shouting “Eureka! Eureka!”

The Ta Ta Towe! That’s Making News For B(r)e(a)st Reasons

The Ta Ta Towel

Erin says, the garment works better than baby powder, tucked washcloths or maxi pads stuffed in your bra and can also be used at the spa, gym, or just lounging around the house.

Pregnant and/or breastfeeding mothers love the Ta-Ta Towel, too! and are calling it a boob saver. The ultra-soft rayon liner was made with sensitive nipples in mind and also absorbs any breast milk that might leak out during feeding.

Interestingly, the slogan of Ta Ta Towel is “Keep ’em high. Keep ’em dry” something we are sure all women in advertising will agree too with.

Twitter too was full of congratulatory message for the Ta Ta Towel, with some of the messages clearly showing their appreciation for it.

iKarmik says, women of the world rejoice for your saviour is here, no more embarrassing wet breast moments. This fashion statement is here to stay. For more update son Fashion, Lifestyle and Entertainment keep following us on iKarmik.com

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