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Why are you looking so sad these days? How is your modelling world getting on now that there are so many shows and events taking place?

Not good at all that is why I am so depressed.

Why what’s happened you are one of the busiest models in the country?

Yes I was a few years ago, not anymore, in fact my model friends and I are all depressed.

Why are all of you depressed?

Gone are the days of the super models when we were wined, dined and feted on covers of magazines. Now we are overlooked even at fashion shows.

Why don’t you have any work, the fashion, print and advertising business is booming in the country with fashion weeks and products being launched nearly every day?

It may be booming, but not for us models.

Why do you say that?

Well on the ramp designers want only Bollywood stars to open and close shows, we are just fillers in between.

Oh that is sad.

Even when there are no Bollywood stars on the ramp the media doesn’t publish our photos but those of celebs in the front rows.

 Really that is so silly.

When it comes to commercial modeling everything has dried up for us models.

Why is that?

Bollywood stars push us aside once again and model for everything from clothes to food and from real estate to machinery and from tourism to transport.

This is getting from bad to worse.

To make matters still worse, now the sports persons have entered the modelling world.

Oh is that what is happening?

First the cricketers came into the modelling business then the tennis players sashayed in.

I know these two sports are very important in India and have a large following so its players are now celebs.

 But now other sporting disciplines are getting established with international winners, so we have competition from billiards, wrestling, gymnastics, boxing, hockey, kabadi, shooters, and even track and field stars.

It must be getting very crowded now.

In addition there are music directors, playback singers, musicians, film producers, directors, animators, chefs, restaurateurs, hoteliers, corporate head honchos, airline heads, consumer durable CEOs are now models.

This is really unbelievable.

It is and to add to the crowd we have managing directors, bloggers, journalists and even politicians who are seen on the ramp or in commercial advertisements selling all kinds of products.

This is really a very sad scene for you.

There are more problems for us still. Many Bollywood stars, sports heros and celebs are launching their own fashion wear, beauty products, food lines too, for which they model to give a unique identity.

Now this is going too far

So now you realise why I am so depressed.

Yes I can understand but remember a model’s life is short so there will come a time when they too will be left ‘on the shelf’ like you are.

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