7 Things You Should Never Say To Your Boyfriend In Bed!

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You’re having an awesome time cuddling up to each other in bed or a couch; netflixing and chilling and then things seem to get steamy! But, then comes up a sentence from your mouth and he loses the mood to have sex with you.

7 Things You Should Never Say To Your Boyfriend In Bed!

Things to never say to your bf in bed

These 7 things are something you must simply avoid saying in bed.

1. Do you want to brush your teeth first? Seriously girl!?! You did not just say that. When he’s on; you just need to go with the flow. Just in case he is not shit drunk. (Then you can say it; he won’t mind)

2. My ex-boyfriend used to… No ex-talks in bed atleast ladies! That’s the most annoying thing for guys, ever.

7 Things You Should Never Say To Your Boyfriend In Bed!

3. Did you trim properly? Gurl, he is putting up with a lot of your flaws too! So, it’s okay to avoid saying this even if he didn’t. It’s a different thing that he’s really unhygienic. But, we are guessing he is not.

4. I think you should start working out again! In normal conversation: Yes! In Bed: NO!! Plus, he’s your boyfriend and not Channing Tatum from Magic Mike. Accept that!

7 Things You Should Never Say To Your Boyfriend In Bed!

5. So, my mom was saying… This is a total mood spoiler. If you really want to talk about something to him then tell him and finish the talk. Foreplay and mom don’t go together!

6. Where is this relationship going? Sex! It’s going towards sex. Why do you have to bring this relationship shit when things are getting hotter? Ask him this after he’s finished. Then, it’ll be a better conversation.

7 Things You Should Never Say To Your Boyfriend In Bed!

7. It’s getting a bit boring… It can, yes. But, when he’s trying to turn you on, atleast don’t say this to him. Also, it’s okay to take charge at times!

iKarmik says, these things are simply a big no no; if you really want to get some action that night. When you want something in specific (read: kinky) just tell him and don’t say that’s its getting boring. It would really hurt his feelings. Remember, there’s always room for experiment; you just need to find new ways to try something steamier!

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